I provide three levels of upgrade services for your celebrity doll(s). All work completed promptly ON YOUR DOLL with superior quality work by the skilled crafts persons who work exclusively for Animated Puppets. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Sarting with the basic ventriloquist dummy, our figure makers add a hard hollow body and the head is mounted to a control stick. You are able to put your hand in the back and control the mouth with a lever on the control stick. The head can tilt, nod, and turn all the way around. One hand operation while the dummy sits on your lap, or on a table, stool, etc.

This version has all the features of the Standard Model (above) PLUS we add beautiful self-centering side to side eyes and a lifelike wig.

Raising Eyebrows in addition to moving eyes, lifelike wig, and all the other features of the Deluxe Upgrade make this version truly SUPER!

Please email me for instructions on how you can ship your doll/figure to me for upgrade and/or repair service work:


  1. How much does a standard upgrade cost? I recently bought a Hardy doll at a garage sale for $5 and the mouth wont close.

  2. Please help!!I just fixed my Jerry Mahoney and I dont know how the strings and rubber band(if there is supposed to be one) go inside the head.I cant find anything on the web.I just need some kind of diagram.

  3. I Realize this is a Repair & Upgrade service , but do you SELL any dummies? Preferably SUPER DELUXE UPGRADED DUMMIES... I Am looking for Super deluxe upgraded dummies that are more on the "Creepy/Scary" side other than the SUPER DELUXE UPGRADED DUMMIES shown and sold on ThrowThings.Com... I am looking for very Creppy Dummies. I have seen D.A.A. STUDIOS Dummies , but I don't know where to buy them or how they sell them. ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Where can I find Scary Looking Dummies , with ALL the features of a SUPER DELUXE UPGRADE dummy? :) Please reply , anyone who knows. :)

    1. eBay! D.a.a.spfx that's on YouTube sells on eBay. I am Ace from acesvents on eBay. I might be able to make you a custom. My email address is write me of what you want

  4. Wahat is the standard upgrade price.

  5. Hi my name is Christine Ford and I'm looking to upgrade three of ventriloquist dummies they're all have drawstrings in the back but I would like to be able to talk to them with the liver how do I do that

  6. We had Kevin work on our doll Willie and he went above and beyond for us! He does very very good work and I would highly suggest if you need some work done to go with Kevin!

  7. He fixed my deluxe Mortimer snerd. We shipped it and a day or two later it came and sure enough it was fixed. But it wasn't just fixed it looked brand new

  8. Can you tell us how you do it, or at least what you have to buy to do it? (I have a Danny O Day Standard Dummy, and I want the Super Deluxe Upgrade)

  9. Loved your dad. He was the best. new him for many years.