Over the course of my career, I have built moving mouths into hundreds of unusual and unlikely items, converting them into puppets. Most were intended only for use as a "talking visual prop" for my own programs. However, a select few were actually put into short term production and offered for sale. Several of these one-of-a-kind and retired characters can be seen on the sidebar of this page. Others of my novelty puppet characters also appear on my Detweiler's Live DVDs.

Without any promise of fulfillment, I continue to consider custom requests for specific novelty puppets or "talking" props. And from time to time I am still inspired to create some new and unique one-of-a-kind puppet myself. When that happens, you may find it offered for sale "first come, first serve" on the
Kevin's Unique Creations page of this site. (Or on eBay auction where my son, Jordan, lists my auctions under the seller ID: detweiler85.)

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